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    We are Real Estate Investors.  We buy wholesale properties in any condition, and we are cash buyers. As cash buyers, we make it easier for you to deal with us and sell your house with less or no closing issues.  If you are a wholesaler, you really want to sell your property fast and put cash in your pocket without paying any transaction fees or any middle man commissions.  “GK’s Real Estate Dealers” will make this happen for you!

    At GK’s Real Estate Dealers, every wholesaling deal is unique, but the fundamental concepts remain the same. Please contact us if you if you want your wholesale property sold quickly. We’ll get in touch with you, ask you a few simple questions about your property, and determine in which ways we can make your transaction an enjoyable selling experience for you.

    To make your task even easier, we offer the following payment steps:

    1. Cash Offer:  Once you show us your house and if the price is right, we’ll send you a written notice offering to buy your house in cash.  The cash offer notice will be valid for thirty days.
    2. Payment Methods: Our payment methods are safe and the funds are guaranteed.  If our offer is accepted, we’ll pay you with a Certified Check or a Wire Transfer sent directly to your bank account.

    Again, if you have a wholesale property for sale and want it to be sold quickly, please call us at:

    1 (800) 731-9110 

    Email us at:

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